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Nativity to Host Dickens’, A Christmas Carol this Sunday

This Sunday, December 22nd, Nativity will host a wonderful evening open to the entire local community.  Beginning with Christmas Carols, cookies, and hot chocolate surrounding the giant Christmas tree in the Nativity Courtyard at 6 pm, all will be invited to proceed to the Nativity Hall where
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Trying to Make Sense of the Terror in Syria?

The heinous events taking place in Syria are both sad, and a microcosm of a greater experience of worldly irrationalism.  How can it be that beheadings, disembowelments, and the eating of victims internal organs have now been common videos on the world wide web?  Not only do these actions
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Podcasts Are Back!

Nativity Podcasts are back!

Check our ‘Media” section to find audio podcasts of weekly sermons and more…

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century?

This is a great quote I came across, from Saint Nikolai Velimerovich,

“We must be super-conservative in preserving the Orthodox faith, and super-modern in propagating it.”

May we have the courage to follow his words!

Word Study: ‘Philotimo’

There is beauty found in all languages, as language does not only allow communication and the conveyance of ideas, but language teaches us how a culture thinks and processes.  The Greek language is among the most rich that mankind has ever seen—perhaps a contributing factor as to why God
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Marriage Preparation Series Offered At Nativity

For thousands of years, why have the faithful flocked to the Christian Church to get married, rather than a courthouse, casino-style chapel, etc…?  In Christianity, Marriage is a Holy Sacrament, where God Himself acts, and transforms the man and woman who have committed themselves to one
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Politics: Not the Proper Environment to Mandate a Morality

In recent decades, politicians, and the forces that motivate many of them, have discovered that issues of morality are fertile fields to produce political capital.  Moral issues have been forced political, and we have now reached a point when traditional communities that have been the bedrock
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The Holy Anaphora & The Priestly Prayers of the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

The prayers of the Divine Liturgy are potent and transformative in the lives of the faithful participants, and the whole of creation that is prayed for.  The section of the Divine Liturgy titled, The Holy Anaphora, is amongst the most substantive as it leads to the consecration of the gifts,
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The Primary Difference Between the Wise and Foolish

I rarely even open forwards, let alone recommend them!  However, I received this text from a friend and found it insightful… enjoy!

A few weeks ago, a business acquaintance called to discuss a challenge he was facing at work. As usual, I began with a few questions, trying to understand the
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Father Deacon John Chryssavgis’ Presentations Now Available On-Line

Following the transformative presentations of the Reverend Father Deacon john Chryssavgis at the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church—audio recordings of his two presentations are now available on-line.  Through the Nativity website:—Fr. Dn. Chryssavgis’
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Sermons Now Available On Line Via Nativity Podcast

The Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church is now offering a podcast, beginning with the offering of audio recordings of weekly sermons and lectures.  You may find our Podcast at the Nativity website:—in addition, you may subscribe to the podcast through
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A Blessed Retreat With Fr. Dn. John. Chryssavgis

Today the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church of Novato was honored and blessed to host a one-day retreat featuring Father Deacon John Chryssavgis.  Fr. John offered two presentations on the topics of Repentance & Forgiveness.  The warmth of Father John’s presentation and
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Fr. Dn. John Chryssavgis To Speak At Nativity

The Nativity community is honored to host a day of spiritual reflection and growth with Father Deacon John Chryssavgis—a premier theologian of contemporary times.  Fr. John will lead us in the exploration of Christian love, through a discussion of beauty found in experience of forgiveness and
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The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple

A blessed Feast Day to all who celebrate this day, and all those who find hope and love in the Lord, who was presented in the Temple on this day.  February 2nd marks the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple—a very tender feast, where are attention is called to the infant Christ
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Change in the Church

The issue of ‘change’ is one that impacts all in this globalizing, fast-paced world—the question is weather or not we are willing to engage it!  The Christian Church mustn’t ask Itself to rethink theology and tradition when addressing change, but rather follow the historical line of
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House Blessings Following the Epiphany Feast

It is common practice for the faithful to request their home or place of business to be blessed through the prayers of the Church and the sprinkling of Holy Water.  This Friday (January 6th) we will celebrate the great feast of Epiphany (Jesus’ baptism), with the Divine Liturgy and the
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The Blessings of Epiphany

“King of all, you accepted also to be baptized in the Jordan by the hand of a servant, so that, having sanctified the nature of the waters, you, the sinless one, might make a way for our rebirth through water and Spirit and re-establish us in our original freedom.”
~Prayer from the
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Theology From Mumford & Sons

London has once again produced a beam of brilliance in the field of music—now taking form in the relatively new acoustic band titled, “Mumford & Sons.”  It is nice to see the rare occurrence of modern musicians who honor the term ‘artist,’ and offer substance in their art of song. 

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What Happened to the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

Mystagogy has a tremendous article on the history of the gifts that the three wise men brought to Jesus Christ at His birth…

Why Christmas is Glorious & Worthy of Celebration

Saint John Chrysostom taught and shepherded the faithful of the 4th & 5th centuries, together with the millions of people who following his death have encountered his Godly-inspired words.  Below is a slightly abridged translation of one of his homilies on the Nativity of Christ, poetically
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Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ Like the Early Christians

In the apostolic times, early Christians would experience a beautiful and transcendent celebration multiple times each week—especially in commemoration of significant events.  One of the most significant events in the entire experience of creation is the birth of Jesus Christ; the radical
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How Should A Christian Behave?

How is it that a Christian is to behave?  Perhaps this question has been posed to you, either by another or by yourself… especially in these days that we approach the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Let us learn from a great figure from Christian history, and
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Now That The Turkey Is Digested…

Once again Thanksgiving has come and gone, the people have all gone home, the color of the table actually did not matter, perhaps the pots & pans have been put away, and the Turkey is just about done being digested… now what?

What does one do after expressing ‘thanks?’ If we truly offer
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George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

“WHEREAS it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favour; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the
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Nativity Turkey Bomb on Sunday, November 20th

“Turkey Bomb” is an effort to collect as many frozen turkeys in one day as possible!  On Sunday, November 20th (...and even in the days preceding) the Nativity family will collect as many frozen turkeys as possible, to be distributed through the Marin Country Food Bank to families in need
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Thanksgiving—Let’s Make Sure!

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” 

“What we’re really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets.  I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving?”
~Erma Bombeck

Bewildering at best to be in mid-October, and
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John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
—John 3:16

While navigating through a Northern California airport this morning, I approached the dreaded security section where dozens of individuals were
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Marin County: 5%... Are You Sure?

Since moving to Marin County to serve the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church, I have often heard it referenced that the residents of Marin County have one of the nation’s lowest rates of church affiliation—often referenced at about 5%!  Today I had an experience that may
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Recommended Orthodox Blog Site


This is a tremendous Orthodox based blog site, offering solid perspective and insights from both the history of Christendom and contemporary times.  Enjoy the continued pilgrimage of exploring Christ’s Holy and Orthodox Church.

So, What’s The Deal With Halloween?

Yes, Halloween does have roots in paganism…  as do many other aspects of modern life, including aspects with in the life of the Orthodox Church!  The question is, are these experiences of contemporary life still rooted in pagan experience, or have their foundations been reoriented?

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Free Luncheon Following the Divine Liturgy - Sunday October 16th

In recognition of Father Luke’s name day, the feast day of Saint Luke the Evangelist October 18th, a free lunch will be offered at the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church following this Sunday’s (October 16) Divine Liturgy.  Thank you to the handful of beloved ladies who are
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Ancient Christian Worship in Marin County, California!

Liturgical worship is central to Christian experience, and has been since Judaism, through Christianity’s initial fulfillment of Judaism 2000 years ago, and at every moment in Christian history!  Liturgical worship, specifically the sacraments (termed ‘Mysteries’ in the original Hellenic
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September Message from Father Constantine

“O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!” (Psalm 118:29)

    The New Church Year begins in September.  It coincides with the beginning of the New School Year and the resumption of many of our parish programs
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  Every time we approach the holy chalice to receive Communion to the Body and Blood of Christ we say a prayer that contains words that must become true on our lips, otherwise they are a lie before God. We say to God that we are the worst sinner; we are the chief sinner that there is.

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In Memoriam - Fr. John Asimacopoulos

Echoing the Prophet Hosea in the Old Testament, St. Paul, in his 1st Letter to the Corinthians, declares triumphantly, “O Death, where is your sting?  O Hades, where is your victory?” (I Corinthians 15:55)  And in the passage from his 1st Letter to the Thessalonians, read at the Funeral
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For Everything There is a Season

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Eccles 3:1)

In the Gospel reading for the 12th Sunday of St. Luke, the healing of the Ten Lepers, we hear and see manifested God’s tender mercy and healing power and the grateful response of the one leper
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