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Ancient Christian Worship in Marin County, California!

Liturgical worship is central to Christian experience, and has been since Judaism, through Christianity’s initial fulfillment of Judaism 2000 years ago, and at every moment in Christian history!  Liturgical worship, specifically the sacraments (termed ‘Mysteries’ in the original Hellenic language), invites all of God’s children to experience and be healed by Him in both tangible and profound form.

The Orthodox Christian Church has maintained this liturgical experience through out Her 2000 year history, and continues to offer participants and witnesses an experience of the Divine!  Here in Marin County, California such experience is offered to any and all who wish to be in the presence of God in this most profound fashion.  The Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church of Novato, CA celebrates the Divine Liturgy each Sunday at 9:30 AM, and all are welcomed to join in this beautiful and faithful fellowship.

Visit the Nativity community this Sunday, experience ancient Christian worship through the continuity of contemporary times, and find your spiritual home!

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