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Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ Like the Early Christians

In the apostolic times, early Christians would experience a beautiful and transcendent celebration multiple times each week—especially in commemoration of significant events.  One of the most significant events in the entire experience of creation is the birth of Jesus Christ; the radical happening of the eternal Logos (Word) of God taking the form of man!  Without God having become incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ, He would have never ascended the cross, and been resurrected from the dead…  Ultimately, without the nativity of Jesus, Paradise would not have opened to us, shutting us out of the Kingdom forever.

An early Christian could not have imagined allowing such an eternally impacting event go by with out the most substantive celebration, the celebration where the faithful have the opportunity to experience and be healed by Christ Himself—the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.  For countless generations, faithful Christians have maintained this elementary understanding of this great celebration by initiating their Christmas gatherings at the gathering of the Divine Liturgy, where we receive Holy Communion, and offer praise and glorification to God who is benevolent and King of all.

Join the Nativity of Christ Church this Christmas by sharing in the same Nativity experience that 2000 years worth of faithful pilgrimage has been fulfilled by.  Join us as a sacramentally active member of the Body of Christ, or as a friend who is seeking truth, fellowship, and love.  You are welcomed to celebrate Christmas this year just like the early Christians did—in authentic fellowship with the Lord, together with your Church family at the Nativity of Christ Church!

The celebration will begin Christmas morning at 9:30 am…

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