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Marin County: 5%... Are You Sure?

Since moving to Marin County to serve the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church, I have often heard it referenced that the residents of Marin County have one of the nation’s lowest rates of church affiliation—often referenced at about 5%!  Today I had an experience that may challenge that…

I stopped in at the local Verizon Retail store in the Hamilton area of Novato, and wanted to purchase a protective case for my new phone.  The price rang up at over $40 (yes, for $.25 worth of plastic)—another customer in the store looked at the price and asked the manager who was serving me, “Hey, what about a clergy discount?”  I smiled at the gentleman, and the manager, whom I later found out to be an Orthodox Christian himself, immediately looked up and said, “Absolutely!” 

Now, discounting a priest’s phone case does not equate to faith; however, the fact that another customer would speak up in support of a clergyman, and that his comment would be welcomed rather than met with a cynical comment… I believe that means something!  I believe that the 5% rule of Marin County may have just been challenged!

One interaction at a time, if we offer an experience of the love of Jesus Christ, all of His children will turn to Him—even those who currently do not recognize Him!

Thank you to the gentleman in the Verizon store who saved me a few dollars, and the manager who responded—you are both in my prayers!

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