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Marriage Preparation Series Offered At Nativity

For thousands of years, why have the faithful flocked to the Christian Church to get married, rather than a courthouse, casino-style chapel, etc…?  In Christianity, Marriage is a Holy Sacrament, where God Himself acts, and transforms the man and woman who have committed themselves to one another, and brought that commitment before God in His Holy House.  Unfortunately, often times marriages are entered in modern society with loose investment, and irresponsible expectations—this sad reality is manifest in modern American divorce rates which typically are about 50%.

Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Christian Church will offer a three-part seminar series on the subject of Marriage Preparation.  All those seeking marriage in Christ’s Holy Church are welcomed and encouraged to attend, as we will strive to responsibly approach this life transforming Mystery of the Church.  Each session will be held in the downstairs of the classroom building.  There will be no charge for this ministry of the Nativity of Christ Church, yet, if one is inclined, donations are always accepted in support of our multiple ministries. 

The following themes will be explored:

Session I:  Tuesday, May 15th, 6 PM - “What is Marriage?”

Session II:  Tuesday, May 22nd, 6 PM - “Communication: An Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Cure”

Session III:  Tuesday, May 29th, 6 PM - “The Key to a Healthy Marriage”


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