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Now That The Turkey Is Digested…

Once again Thanksgiving has come and gone, the people have all gone home, the color of the table actually did not matter, perhaps the pots & pans have been put away, and the Turkey is just about done being digested… now what?

What does one do after expressing ‘thanks?’ If we truly offer genuine thanks, then it is our responsibility to honor and respect that for which we are thankful.  Example: you are thankful that your parents gave you a new toy, then you must honor your parents’ generosity by respecting that toy and taking good care of it.  As our first (and best) president, George Washington proclaimed that the Thanksgiving Holiday is a day to first and foremost give thanks to God.  With authentic sentiments of thanks, we must then honor God by respecting all of the blessings that He has bestowed upon us.  Be attentive to the family that He placed you in—sacrifice for them, and spend the quality time with them that they deserve.  Take care of the body that He entrusted you with—do not abuse your body with poisons of one sort or another, maintain it in sound shape, and presence.  Be respectful of the talents that He gave to you—develop your God-given talents, whether physical, emotional, or physical, and use them in a way that glorifies God by serving the rest of His creation.  The list goes on and on…

Now that the turkey is digesting, seriously think about the infinite blessings from God that we are to be thankful for… then commit to honoring and respecting those gifts through a conscious, committed Christian life!  May our Lord’s blessings be upon you, and may you have a continued productive journey through the Nativity Lenten season.

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