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Politics: Not the Proper Environment to Mandate a Morality

In recent decades, politicians, and the forces that motivate many of them, have discovered that issues of morality are fertile fields to produce political capital.  Moral issues have been forced political, and we have now reached a point when traditional communities that have been the bedrock for educating and guiding individuals in issues of morality, including; faith-based communities, family units, etc… are shunned when they attempt to offer foundational guidance.  I was pleased to read the political machine of one state has reacted in the way of abdicating legislative authority in one area of morality, and extending it back to it’s most primary place—the guidance of parents within the family unit.  The following instance may be read through the below listed link:

Imagine for a minute if the billions of dollars that have been spent in the pursuit of political capital on the issues of abortion, homosexuality, sex education, support of the concept of a family-unit, etc… had been utilized in approaching the issues on moral ground, through education, compassion, and love.  I guarantee that the individuals affected by these issues would be better supported, a lesser stain would be upon society, and politicians would have much more time to adhere to their constitutional responsibilities.

Regardless of political landscape, the Church will remain in Her role of serving the people, and shepherding them to a morality and code of ethics rooted in the teachings of our Lord. 

Good for you Utah—thank you for leading an effort to return moral guidance and education to its rightful place—outside of politics!

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