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Trying to Make Sense of the Terror in Syria?

The heinous events taking place in Syria are both sad, and a microcosm of a greater experience of worldly irrationalism.  How can it be that beheadings, disembowelments, and the eating of victims internal organs have now been common videos on the world wide web?  Not only do these actions display deplorable shame of individual and culture, but they reflect a long standing experience of man’s separation from our natural design that seeks union with God.

The irrationality man, witnessed in a nature separate from God and embodied in atrocity against our fellow man, is rivaled and exceeded by the irrationality of God’s activity!

God, Who created all things—irrationally became a part of His creation through the incarnation of the eternal Word in the person of Jesus Christ!

God, Who is the Master of all creation—irrationally assumed victory over death through His death on the cross!

God, Who is sits upon the throne of the Cherubim—irrationally awaits to extend His mercy to us who are unworthy!

How can we reconcile the irrational brutality and evil that exist in the world? ...we must place all of our hope in a greater experience of mystery that is only embodied in the experience of Jesus Christ.

Go to the ‘media’ section of the website to listen to a Sunday Homily Podcast (September 22) on this subject.

May our merciful, and incomprehensible Lord bring His peace to all those who suffer under the irrationality of man!

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