Thanks for making our 2017 Festival a success. Please come see us in 2018.

Please join us on Memorial Day Weekend - May 25, 26, 27 2018

Website dates and details will be updated 4-6 weeks prior to the festival 2018

Learn Greek

With these few words and phrases you can have fun speaking Greek with your family and friends. The accent is on the capitalized letters.

English Greek
Hello, or Greetings HAIR-e-te
Greetings Ya-soo
Good Morning ka-lee ME-ra
Good Morning ka-lee ME-ra
Good Afternoon ka-lee-SPE-ra
Thank you ef-ha-ree-STO
Good Night ka-lee NEE-hta
What time is it? TEE o-ra EE-ne?
You're welcome pa-ra-ka-LO
Come here E-la THO
What's this TEE EE-ne af-TO?
My name is... o-O-noma-mou EE-ne...
What is your name? TEE-EE-ne to ONO-ma-sou?
How are you?? TEE KA-nees?
I am well ka-LA
Excuse me seegNO-mee
We are EE-mas-te
We want THEL-o-me
I am thirsty theep-SO
I am your friend EE-me FEE-los-sou
I am hungry pea-NO
A cup of coffee EN-a kou-PA-kee ca-FE
Tea TSA-ee
No O-hee
Yes NE
Certainly MA-lee-sta
Good luck sto-ka-LO
Do you understand? ka-ta-la-VE-n-o
Speak slowly MEE-la see-GA
Grandfather pa-POO
Father pa-TE-ra
Mother mee-TE-ra
Grandmother yia-YIA

5% of the festival's net proceeds to benefit Center for Domestic Peace Center for Domestic Peace
Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP) leads a comprehensive community effort to end the #1 violent crime in Marin County ”