What is Active Church Membership?  Is it Baptism, or supporting the parish financially, or going to church on Sunday, or bringing the children to Sunday School?  It is all of these and something more; something much more.  It is our active commitment to our belief in God and the acknowledgement of Christ in our way of life.  It is the belief and acknowledgement that faith, morality, private and corporate worship (in church), participation in the sacramental life of the Church, religious education and study, and Christian stewardship, have ONE thing in common: They are all simply aspects of the TOTAL CHRISTIAN LIFE.

Our goal at Nativity of Christ Church is to make church membership what it is intended to be: a conscientious decision to be part of that fellowship of believers whose purpose is to live in Christ, and, through their lives, manifest Him to the world.

You are invited to become a living part of that fellowship through active membership in the Nativity of Christ Church.