Greek School

About the School

The Nativity community, specifically the Greek School Experience, was reignited by Presvytera Eleni in 2012. Greek school teachers are now leading the program via committee to establish the most effective leadership process for the needs of our program going forward. Students have displayed growth in understanding and writing. Therefore, we are excited to enhance our curriculum as the years go on. In communication with The Hellenic Education and Culture Committee, we will continue to enhance curriculum and cultivate our Greek language and culture. Our program will incorporate adult classes to ensure the survival of the Greek language among the families in our area. The momentum of our Greek School efforts flourishes from the support of our community, and our community’s youth who are served by it.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Greek language in our community through communication, vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar. In order to enhance our understanding of our rich heritage we will teach through Greek poems, songs and religion. In addition, we intend to achieve our goals through stimulating curriculum, using traditional and technologically enhanced instructional methods. Our values are rooted in our Hellenism and Orthodoxy.

Learning Objectives:

The main subjects that will be covered in each cycle are as follows:

1st Cycle  

(Ages 5 - 7)                   

• alphabet
• greetings
• names
• numbers
• animals
• colors
• body parts
• days
• fruits
• shapes
• clothes
• the usage of articles (masculine, feminine, neutral)
• personal pronouns (“εγώ”, “εσύ” etc)

  2nd Cycle

(Ages 8-10)

• reading
• writing/spelling
• family/friends
• home/rooms
• months/ dates
• weather
• plants/flowers
• food and customs
• time
• school
• music/songs
• basic conversation
• categorization of nouns to masculine, feminine and neutral
• the usage of articles (masculine, feminine, neutral) in singular and plural
• personal pronouns (“εγώ”, “εσύ” etc)
• conjugation of main verbs (“I am”, “I have” etc) in Present tense

  3rd Cycle

(Ages 11-13)

• reading
• writing/spelling
• hobbies
• size and quantity
• transportation
• travel/holidays
• directions
• places and events
• likes and dislikes
• shopping/prices
• environment
• professions
• categorization of nouns to masculine, feminine and neutral
• personal pronouns (“εγώ”, “εσύ” etc) and possessive pronouns (“μου”, σου” etc)
• Conjugation of basic verbs in Present and Past tense

  4th Cycle

(Ages 14+)

• reading
• writing/spelling
• grammar
• syntax
• history
• geography
• mythology
• Conjugation of verbs in Present, Past and Future tense


The Teachers

Our teachers are 100% of Greek Descent and have college degrees.

Dafni Dedopoulou
Eirini Karatzaferi
Lena Kokalis
Rania O’Farrell

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