Orthodox Family Network (OFN)

  Our Orthodox Family Network began and was inspired by a retreat on the family and marriage, and related issues, led by Dr. Philip Mamalakis, and held in January 2009.  As a result of that retreat, OFN was established as a means of bringing young families of the parish together on a spiritual and social basis.  The purpose and goal of OFN are to give parents an opportunity to discuss topics pertaining to parenting and our Orthodox faith, and to do so in a comfortable social environment where they and our children can interact and create lasting friendships.  Discussions revolve around the challenges in creating and maintaining an Orthodox Christian home and identity in our contemporary society, and the things we can do to bring our faith into our homes.  We are heartened and encouraged to have found a shared desire to participate in a network that can facilitate and foster growth within our parish, our families, and our Orthodox Christian Faith.  Families with young children are invited to become a part of OFN, the Orthodox Family Network.