Sunday School

The aim of all religious teaching in the Orthodox Church is to introduce the child into the Church, to integrate him into her life - the life of grace, communion with God, love, unity, and spiritual progress towards eternal salvation, for such are the essential aims of the Church.

(Fr. Alexander Schmemann)

  Teaching in the Sunday School Program affords the opportunity to dedicated persons to transmit our precious Faith by word and example to the young people of the parish.  As parents bring their children to Church and Sunday School from Sunday to Sunday, our teachers endeavor, in the small time alloted, to teach and challenge them to grow in Christ.  Yet these teachers and your priest know that the best method of teaching is by example, by those whom the children know and respect the most - their parents.  True religious education begins at home. 

  Classes are offered to children from Pre-school through, and including, High School.  The minimum enrollment age is four years old (or fours years old no later than December 2nd).  The content of each year’s course of study is relevant to all of the child’s life in the Church - his/her participation in the worship of the Church, spiritual development, understanding of the doctrinal teachings of the Church, and knowledge of the Scriptures.  So that families might worship together, Sunday School classes are taught following the Divine Liturgy.