About Orthodoxy

We are Orthodox Christians.  Orthodox is a Greek word meaning, “right” or “correct worship” and “right’ or “correct faith.”  Though the Orthodox Church is not yet well known in North America, there are approximately 250 million Orthodox in the world, making Orthodoxy the second largest Christian communion.  Orthodoxy is composed of a family of self-governing churches that exist in the unity of the faith and the communion of the sacraments.  At the center of these sacraments, the Eucharist (or” Lord’s Supper”) continues to be the focal point of Orthodox worship, as it has been since the earliest days of the Church.  We are catholic, but not Roman Catholic.  Catholic is a Greek word that means “according to the whole.”  We are Evangelical, but not Protestant.  Evangelical comes from the Greek word meaning “Gospel.”  We are Gospel centered and our history goes back unbroken to the early Church.  Orthodox Christians throughout the world hold unanimously to the fundamental Christian doctrines taught by the Apostles and handed down by their successors, the bishops, throughout the centuries.  We believe that we profess the Christian Faith in its fullness.  Currently the Church in North America is composed of various groups or “jurisdictions,” each of which has grown out of the stock of respective immigrant groups who carried their Faith with them to America.  Although services may differ in the primary language used, the style of music, and a few other particulars, the Divine Liturgy is substantially the same in all.  One doesn’t have to be “Ethnic” to be Orthodox and converts are welcome in our parishes, and a large proportion of the services are conducted in English.

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Although we are one of the major religious groups in the world, we often find that we are not well understood by members of other faiths. This section will answer some of the questions you might have about Orthodoxy. Check out our FAQ section or read about Orthodoxy Today for more information.